Production Release

Summer '24

Winter '25 Preview

on August 30

Salesforce Sandbox
Preview Guide

Are you taking advantage of the Sandbox Preview Guide to test, catch, and report bugs before they bite? Enter your Sandbox instance below to determine what needs to be done, based on what instance your sandbox org is currently on.

What is your Sandbox instance?

Enter a single sandbox instance name - e.g. CS87 - or multiple sandboxes separated by a character such as a space, comma, semi-colon or pipe - e.g. [ cs115 cs317,cs339;usa952s|usa954s ]


Unsure of your Sandbox Instance?

To determine which instance your Sandbox is on, log into your production org and navigate to your Sandbox List page (Search "Sandbox" in the Quick Find bar on the Setup Home Page).

list page

Your sandbox instance is listed in the Location column above.